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If you or someone close to you is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel as though there is nowhere to turn. At Chattanooga Recovery Center in Tennessee, we deliver compassionate care, encouragement, and support to those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Our innovative and comprehensive addiction treatment programs are designed to solve substance abuse problems through a combination of therapy, medical care, community service, and uplifting activities.

We are passionate about helping others escape from the burden that is addiction—many of our team members are recovering addicts themselves and can personally identify with our patients. Our mission is to help those who are ready to shed off their addiction reclaim their life on their own terms.

How Do You Treat Addiction?

Our goal is to provide the level of comfort and support you need to feel safe and secure enough to begin your journey to recovery. We welcome you as you are with open arms—here there is no judgment or shame. We are always fully transparent with our patients and will tell you exactly how it is without sugar coating your situation. Then we will work together to come up with the treatment plan that works best for you.

Our treatment programs include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program: IOP is designed to support the aspects of your life affected by addiction using a mix of traditional and holistic therapies. The program addresses addiction in a less clinical and restrictive setting than our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).
  • Partial Hospitalization Program: PHP is an alternative to inpatient care. It provides more structure and stability than IOP and allows patients access to our medical team 24/7.
  • Night Outpatient Treatment: We understand that not everyone can stop working and commit to a full-time treatment program. Night Outpatient Treatment allows individuals who work full-time jobs to have access to our PHP and IOP treatments.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: MAT is generally reserved for those facing serious cravings and withdrawal symptoms when recovering from a drug addiction. We use FDA-approved prescriptions as well as therapy and other treatments to promote recovery.

To learn more about our outpatient rehab in Chattanooga, TN, call us at (423) 226-5331 - we'll do our best to answer all your questions.

A Holistic & Supportive Approach

People often turn to drugs and alcohol because they either feel like something in their life is missing or they wish to escape something painful. Our Tennessee rehabilitation center was created to offer warmth, comfort, and purpose in order to help you understand that you have other more positive outlets to turn to in times of need.

Holistic elements of our drug and alcohol treatment programs include:

  • Adventure-Based Counseling: We offer a range of outdoor activities for patients to take part in. Physical exertion and the presence of nature have been scientifically proven to provide powerful benefits to both the mind and body. Plus, it’s fun!
  • Brain Mapping: Brain mapping uses neurofeedback in a non-invasive way to reveal the thoughts and behaviors associated with addiction. This is then used to train the brain to react and function in a healthier and more positive way.
  • Trauma Intervention: Using a psychotherapeutic approach, we help mediate trauma and build resiliency in order to grant you the skills you need to improve your cognitive and emotional functions.

Why Choose Chattanooga Recovery Center?

We believe everyone struggling with addiction deserves a better life. At Chattanooga Recovery Center, our professional team provides a hands-on, comprehensive approach to treatment and is fully engaged in the recovery of everyone who walks through our doors. Recovery requires comfort, relief, and serenity, which we provide in every aspect of our innovative programming and gorgeous facilities. We understand the disease of addiction and look forward to being by your side throughout your journey.

Real Recovery Happens Here

  • Recovery Is Possible at Chattanooga Recovery Center!

    “At Chattanooga Recovery Center your recovery is possible, and we are here to help.”

    - Miles Neal & Jim Huber

Addiction Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers From Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Professionals
  • Q:Is addiction rehab covered by insurance?

    A:Most addiction treatment facilities accept private insurance, but your specific coverage will vary depending on your insurer and the details of your policy. Chattanooga Recovery Center is proud to work with most major insurance providers, including Cigna, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Optum, MultiPlan, Humana, and Beacon.

  • Q:What happens during rehab?

    A:An average day in treatment will vary depending on the level of care you need as well as the specific program you are enrolled in. Our addiction rehab programs consist of a combination of structured techniques and holistic therapies designed to help your body and mind re-learn how to function without the need for addictive substances. This may involve anything from individual or group talk therapy with counselors to experiential treatments such as art therapy, volunteering, or adventure-based counseling. We take pride in bringing comfort, joy, and serenity to our rehab programs to make them as effective and rewarding as possible.

  • Q:Can I keep my job while attending treatment?

    A:In many cases, yes. It is important to prioritize your health and wellbeing over your employment situation when seeking treatment for addiction. With that being said, we offer a wide range of flexible options such as our intensive outpatient program or night outpatient treatment program that are designed to get you the help you need with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. Our admissions counselors are willing to work with you and create a customized program that fits your specific needs.

  • Q:What happens after rehab?

    A:A person's recovery journey is never truly over. You must make the choice every day to live a life of sobriety, and continuing to stay active in the recovery community is an excellent way to do so. While treatment at Chattanooga Recovery Center may end, the support we provide does not. We incorporate critical relapse prevention techniques into our program to help you or your loved one identify potential addiction triggers, cope with these issues in a healthy manner, and establish a plan to help you stay on the sober path long after treatment has ended.

  • Q:I'm a functioning addict. Do I really need treatment?

    A:A common misconception is that you need to hit rock bottom before seeking treatment for addiction. The reality is that many people can benefit from rehab, including highly-functioning addicts and alcoholics. Just because you can manage your habits with your current responsibilities doesn't mean you're "okay" or that you'll be able to sustain this lifestyle in the future. Getting sober is always better sooner than later. It can potentially save your life.

  • Q:How can I help someone struggling with addiction?

    A:If you suspect a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol, it is important you urge them to seek help and be careful not to enable their addiction. It is not uncommon for family members to actually cause more harm than good when they lend money to the individual, for example, or when they make excuses for their behavior. Confront your loved one in a gentle way and do not shame them for their struggles. Seeking to understand your loved one without judgment can help them feel safe and give them the push they need to seek help. If your loved one is in denial or refuses to acknowledge an obvious problem, consider staging an intervention with the help of a professional.

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