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As a person who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you may recognize that you need structure, stability, and supervision to work toward recovery. However, the environment of an inpatient program may be too much for you. Inpatient rehab requires a significant time commitment, and your job, your family, and your other obligations may be preventing you from participating in such a program.

There is a treatment method available at Chattanooga Recovery Center that offers the structure you need, but in an environment that is less restrictive than inpatient rehab: Our partial hospitalization program.

Through our partial hospitalization program in Chattanooga, you can benefit from the guidance that traditional addiction treatment methods offer, but through an approach that is more attuned to your needs. For more information about this program and our other treatment methods, please contact us today.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have via phone at (423) 226-5331. Or, you can reach out to us through our contact form.

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Explore Our Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program provides patients with the option to access medical care, sober living programs, and other treatment options in an environment that is ordered without being restrictive. The way that your treatment will progress will depend on your unique needs, but the main component of a partial hospitalization program is that medical care is available. However, your treatment will not necessarily revolve around medical treatment. Your medical care will be conducted in addition to therapy and other non-medical treatment methods.

Some of our available treatment methods include:

  • Adventure-based counseling — Adventure-based counseling utilizes outdoor recreation and other activities to create healthy habits and curb the need to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Brainmapping — Our brainmapping program involves technology that creates a visual representation of brain waves. This allows us to identify issues and address the sources of addiction.
  • Trauma intervention model — Utilizing a trauma intervention model involves identifying and addressing traumatic experiences as a way to consider potential reasons for addiction issues. Through this program, patients can begin working through their trauma as part of their recovery.

Choosing PHP for Personalized Recovery

If you are in need of a medical aspect to your treatment but are not in need of something as immersive as an inpatient program, our partial hospitalization program in Chattanooga may be right for you. There is more choice and freedom available to you in a partial hospitalization program when compared to an inpatient program or other more intensive treatment plan.

No matter what program you choose, if you receive treatment at Chattanooga Recovery Center, you can be sure that you will be working with people who genuinely care about your progress. We will communicate with you on the details of your recovery and will be completely transparent in all of our updates to you. There are members of our team who are living in recovery themselves and understand what you are going through. You will always have a professional available to help you when you need it.

Contact Us for Support and Guidance in Chattanooga

Do you still have questions about our partial hospitalization program in Chattanooga, or are looking to get yourself or a loved one involved in the program? Contact us today! We are available to provide guidance from the start of your pursuit of recovery, to helping you transition into your new life free of addiction.

Partial Hospitalization Program FAQ

  • How long does a PHP last?
    Partial hospitalization programs can last a varying amount of time, depending on the severity of each person’s addiction and what else they need to complete to recover. Typically, the minimum amount of time for a PHP is one week or three to five sessions across one week. It is not uncommon for a PHP to last at least a month, though. When you first sit down with our PHP specialists, we can give you an honest assessment of how long we think your PHP should last.
  • What are the benefits of a PHP?
    We often recommend a PHP to someone who has a moderate addiction to drugs or alcohol because its benefits should line up well with what they need to recover. While in a PHP, you get the advantage of frequent support and supervision from our professional staff while also being able to maintain much of your personal life, such as work, school, and family care. The cost of a PHP is also much lower than treatments that require full or overnight hospitalization. Overall, PHP allows people to transition back into their life after recovery with fewer disruptions, too.
  • Is a PHP expensive?
    Partial hospitalization programs are widely considered affordable because they do not require you to stay in the hospital overnight. Also, Chattanooga Recovery Center works with major insurance companies to make our treatments that much more affordable. If you have healthcare insurance through your employer, then there is a good chance that we accept it.

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