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Learn to Enjoy Life Without Substance Abuse

Addiction is an affliction that affects all areas of your life. At Chattanooga Recovery Center in Tennessee, our treatment programs were designed to impact every aspect of your life as well. In order to offer our residents the best in sustained recovery, our facility has broadened our focus beyond traditional therapy and treatment methods to include the positive effects of nature, self-care, and helping others.

Building a New Foundation

An important component of rehab lies in granting patients the tools they need to continue living in sobriety after leaving. Our solution to this hurdle is comprehensive treatment that prepares you for as many of life’s challenges as possible.

Whereas many rehabilitation programs stick only to therapy, workshops, and 12-step programs, we offer a variety of holistic elements at Chattanooga Recovery Center. Drawing from the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) assessment guidelines, we offer activities that go well beyond the traditional to support you every need and enhance your experience.

Our holistic programming includes:

  • Adventure-based counseling: We host group activities based around the great outdoors meant to provide team building and other positive benefits. Also, they’re fun!
  • Brain mapping: Brain mapping is a technique that uses neurofeedback to train the brain to function in a healthier and more positive way.
  • Culture and arts events: We attend local events such as art classes, concerts, exhibits festivals, and more.
  • Trauma intervention model: This therapy was designed to help people suffering from trauma become better at managing their stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings.
  • Volunteer work: We offer opportunities for you to give back to the community.
  • Wellness activities: We offer fitness opportunities as well as other activities that promote wellness.

If you have an idea for something additional you’d like us to include in your treatment plan, please let us know!

Why Include Holistic Activities?

Nature, education, and helping others are all forces that have been scientifically proven to effectively help you to better deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

The activities included in our programming provide many healthy benefits, including:

  • A positive outlet for anxiety, fear, stress, and other harmful emotions you may dwell on
  • Expanding upon what you learn during talk therapy so you can better incorporate significant life changes
  • The release of neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin that help your brain function better during early recovery

The type of real-world activities that we provide can also help you improve your confidence in decision making, problem-solving, communication, and anger management skills.

Why Choose Chattanooga Recovery Center?

The holistic activities offered at Chattanooga Recovery Center have been shown to help our patients grow and succeed in sobriety. Each program is designed around the individual, so we will take into account your situation and feedback to provide the comprehensive treatment plan that works best for YOU.

Real Recovery Happens Here

  • Recovery Is Possible at Chattanooga Recovery Center!

    “At Chattanooga Recovery Center your recovery is possible, and we are here to help.”

    - Miles Neal & Jim Huber

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Making Your Recovery Possible
  • Top-Notch Facility & Highly Trained Staff
  • A Family of Individuals Dedicated to Your Recovery
  • Hands-on & Personalized Treatment Plan Crafted for You
  • Full Transparency Throughout Your Whole Recovery

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