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You’ve done the important work of recognizing your alcohol or drug addiction and realizing that you need to do something about it. But while looking for treatment options, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices. Hospitalization programs, medication assisted treatment, and different types of therapy are all effective methods of rehabilitation, but may not work with your lifestyle. Although your recovery is extremely important, you have other obligations you must fulfill. A typical rehab structure could conflict with your job, child care, and other responsibilities you must handle during the day.

Luckily, there is an option that breaks away from typical drug and alcohol addiction treatment options. At Chattanooga Recovery Center, we offer a night outpatient treatment program that was designed with people like you in mind. If you are in need of an effective rehab program that won’t interfere with the other aspects of your life, contact us to learn more.

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What is Night Outpatient Treatment?

Our night outpatient treatment in Chattanooga is a program that is conducted at night to fit the lifestyle of people who work full time during the day or have other responsibilities that prevent them from participating in a daytime program. Although the schedule is different, our night outpatient treatment program involves many of the same elements and offers similar benefits as our treatment programs that are conducted during the day. Your treatment may involve traditional therapy as well as programs such as adventure-based counseling, brainmapping, and our trauma intervention model.

Night Outpatient Treatment Benefits

The main benefit of our night outpatient treatment program is the convenience for people who work during the day. We understand that, as important as recovery is to you, you have a life. When you work “9 to 5,” it can be difficult to find time to do other things. We offer this program to accommodate people who are busy during the day. Additionally, a night outpatient program will take up less time overall to complete. Participants in this program generally move on within a few months.

As an outpatient program, our night outpatient treatment in Chattanooga will generally be less restrictive than an inpatient program. This is another benefit for people who are looking for a program that allows them to be more flexible in their treatment.

Is Night Outpatient Treatment Right for Me?

It can be difficult to know which addiction treatment program is right for you. A night outpatient treatment program may be a good option if you work full time but are looking for the best, most structured rehab program you can on your schedule.

To evaluate if our night outpatient program in Chattanooga will work for you, consider questions such as:

  • What level of structure will I benefit from?

  • What types of treatment do I think will work best for me?

  • Am I able to participate in an inpatient rehab program?

By exploring your answers to these questions, you can evaluate whether our night outpatient treatment program is right for you. If you are still unsure or have additional questions about Chattanooga Recovery Center, please contact us today!

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Have questions about our night outpatient treatment in Chattanooga? We have answers! We are available to discuss the details of this program and our other treatment options, and can help you get started in whatever program is best for you.

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