Using Holistic Treatment to Address Substance Addiction

When it comes to treating addiction, it takes more than stopping the use of drugs or alcohol in order to achieve a truly successful recovery. In fact, the most successful recoveries happen when an effort is made to address every faction of a person’s being.

In order to do this, you should look into a holistic treatment program to treat your substance addiction.

Understanding Holistic Addiction Treatment

What Does Holistic Treatment Entail?

Holistic treatment programs aim to address every aspect of a person — physical, mental, and emotional. This is done to address not only the underlying causes of your addiction, such as mental health or chronic pain issues, but to help you learn coping mechanisms and behavioral changes that can be positively applied to your everyday life.

Examples of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Adventure-Based Counseling

This form of therapy encourages people to expose themselves to perceived physical, emotional, and social risks in order to achieve personal growth and positive changes in behavior. Some activities included in this form of therapy can include:

  • Equine therapy

  • Hiking

  • Ropes courses

  • Ziplining

Brain Mapping

This technique uses neurofeedback to allow doctors to see how your brain is functioning so you can understand what you’re thinking and why, allowing you to form better behaviors.

Cultural Events

Art, music, and other cultural experiences help to cope with internal struggles, bring out emotions, and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Trauma Intervention

Unresolved trauma can cause a person to turn to drugs or alcohol. The trauma intervention model works to assist people in managing their behaviors, emotions, and thoughts to effectively handle life’s challenges.

Holistic Addiction Treatment in Chattanooga

At Chattanooga Recovery Center in Tennessee, our drug and alcohol rehab programs were designed to impact every aspect of your life. In order to offer our residents the best in sustained recovery, our facility has broadened our focus beyond traditional therapy and treatment methods to include the positive effects of nature, self-care, and helping others.

Contact us today to learn more about our holistic approach.

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