The Unspoken Truths of Substance Abuse

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What You Should Know About Addiction

When someone struggles with substance addiction, there can be a lot of preconceived notions and ideas that float around about their disease. While many people think of addiction the way it is commonly — and negatively — portrayed in movies, the disease, and those who struggle with it, are often very misunderstood, preventing the real facts about substance abuse from coming to light.

By educating yourself on the unspoken truths of substance abuse, you can form a better understanding of your loved one’s disease, be more sympathetic to their struggle, and help them get the help they need.

Addiction Can Affect Anyone

A common myth about substance abuse is that it only affects those from a particular walk of life — and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Any person, of any age, background, financial situation, etc., can find themselves struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

It’s Not Only About Self-Control

Oftentimes, people will think that those who struggle with addiction didn’t have enough self-control to stop drinking or taking their opioid-based pain medication. In reality, alcohol and drugs change the way neurons communicate and produce pleasure in the brain, encouraging addiction.

No One Chooses to Become Addicted

More often than not, there are serious underlying issues that cause a person to turn to drugs or alcohol. This can include mental health issues, genetics, trauma, chronic pain, and everyday life stressors that can leave them searching for a coping mechanism — albeit, in these cases, unhealthy ones.

As time goes on, and the brain changes the way the body responds to substances, people may find themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol and be otherwise unable to go about their lives without them.

It Takes More than Willpower to Overcome Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life — their physical and mental well-being, behaviors, finances, relationships, etc. When it comes to recovering from that addiction, all the willpower in the world won’t allow for lasting sobriety if a person does not address the underlying causes and deep-seated effects of substance abuse.

In order to truly overcome alcohol or drug abuse, a person must go through proper therapy and treatment programs.

It is Difficult to Overcome

From first detoxing from drugs or alcohol to maintaining sobriety after treatment, recovery is a difficult, life-long journey. Beating substance abuse is very difficult and requires a person to go outside of their comfort zone and face difficult truths on top of breaking free from the physical hold drugs and alcohol have on them.

Why Do People Avoid Substance Abuse Treatment

Even though professional treatment is the best way to address substance abuse, many people are still hesitant to seek help for a number of reasons, such as:

They Don’t Realize They Need Help

Especially when someone who struggles with substances is “high-functioning,” they may not see the consequences of their addiction and not realize they need help.

They Don’t Think Treatment Will Help

Whether they believe they’re too far gone into substance abuse or they’ve received treatment in the past and relapsed, some people believe addiction treatment won’t make a difference.

They Are Worried About the Cost

Some people avoid seeking treatment because they’re worried about how they’ll cover the cost. Fortunately, at Chattanooga Recovery Center, we accept most major insurances and work to make your recovery affordable.

Holistic Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

At Chattanooga Recovery Center, our mission is to provide the compassionate care, encouragement, and self-sufficiency individuals seeking a life of recovery require. Our Tennessee rehabilitation center invites people from all walks of life who are struggling with addiction to join us on the path to sobriety.

Find your path to sobriety today. Call us at (423) 226-5331 or contact us online for more information.

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