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The Common Signs of Opioid Addiction

Warning Signs of Opioid Addiction

Opioids are drugs that were created and commonly used in medical practices to provide pain relief. While opioids include drugs that are used in medicine, like oxycodone and codeine, they also include illegal and synthetic drugs like heroin and fentanyl. Opioids differ from opiates in that they're not natural. All opioids are at least partly synthetic and lab-created.

Many people develop an opioid addiction after being prescribed medication for legitimate pain. Unfortunately, it's possible for people to develop a tolerance for opioids and escalate their use, making it imperative for patients to only use opioid medications as directed by a physician. When use crosses the line into substance abuse, there are some common signs that family members and friends might recognize.

Loss of Control Over Drug Use

The first sign of abuse is a noticeable loss of control over their use of the drugs. The person may start to have cravings for their opioid of choice, going through their prescription more quickly than expected. In these cases, it’s common for the addicted person to lie to their loved ones and physician about having lost the bottle and needing a replacement in order to address their pain.

Behavioral Changes

Another sign to be on the lookout for is a sudden change in the affected person’s everyday habits and behaviors. This may include sleeping more or less, changes to personal hygiene, and self-isolation. If someone starts to avoid family and friends, that can be a sign of developing an addiction.

Issues With Money

As opioid addiction progresses, an individual may suddenly have way more or less money than they typically do, relating back to their increase in drug habits. It’s also common for the addicted person to begin stealing to fuel their drug habits.

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