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20 Ways to Find Joy in Recovery

How to Make Your Experience a Positive and Healing Journey

Recovery is a process of change through which people improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential. While the catalyst that brought you to seek help may have been painful, the recovery journey can be empowering, freeing, and full of possibility.

The path looks different for everyone, but some commonalities bring joy to the experience. Here are twenty ways you can find joy in recovery.

1. Set realistic goals and celebrate each accomplishment along the way.

2. Find a support system of friends, family, or others who understand what you’re going through.

3. Get involved in your community and find purposeful ways to give back.

4. Stay active and care for your whole mind, body, and spirit through exercise, proper nutrition, and relaxation.

5. Live in the present moment and savor the good moments. Don’t dwell on past mistakes or worry about the future.

6. Be honest with yourself and others.

7. Keep a sense of humor.

8. Learn to accept compliments and praise.

9. Take time for yourself – do things you enjoy and make time to relax.

10. Forgive yourself and others.

11. Share your story with others – it can help them and heal you.

12. Give yourself credit for your progress, no matter how small it may seem.

13. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.

14. Celebrate your sobriety milestones – each day, week, month, and year.

15. Connect with a Higher Power, whatever that may be for you.

16. Be gentle with yourself – recovery is a process, not a race.

17. Seek out positive role models and mentors.

18. Help others along their journey – pay it forward.

19. Learn from your setbacks and use them as motivation to keep going.

20. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished – you’re worth it!

How to Persevere on a Difficult Day

We would be naive to think that every day in recovery will be full of rainbows and butterflies. There will be challenges and difficult days. On these days, it is essential to remember your why – why you decided to seek help and begin this journey. Here are some things that may help you get through a tough day.

  • Talk to your support system. They can offer encouragement and understanding.

  • Read recovery literature or inspirational quotes. They can give you a different perspective and remind you that you’re not alone.

  • Write in a journal. Expressing your thoughts and feelings can help you process them and may provide clarity.

  • Go for a walk or exercise. Getting out of your head and into your body can help you feel better.

  • Do something nice for someone else. Helping others can take the focus off your struggles and make you feel good.

  • Attend a meeting or group. Talking to others who understand what you’re going through can be very helpful.

  • Call a hotline. If you’re really struggling, talking to someone who can help is a good idea.

  • Practice self-care. Do something that makes you feel good, like taking a bath, reading, or watching your favorite movie.

  • Remember that this too shall pass. Tough times don’t last forever, and you will make it through.

  • Seek professional help. Don’t hesitate to contact a therapist or counselor if you're struggling.

Get the Assistance Necessary to Thrive at Chattanooga Recovery Center

Recovery is possible for everyone. Know that joy is possible no matter where you are on your journey. Find what works for you, and don’t give up. You deserve to be happy and healthy!

Chattanooga Recovery Center is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information about our programs and services.


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