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At Chattanooga Recovery Center, we are proud to be able to say that we have dual diagnosis specialists capable of helping people who are dealing with the troubles of bipolar disorder and an addiction at once. Millions of adults are given dual diagnoses each year, but not all of them know that they can seek professional help. We hope that you make the choice to allow our team to help you, just as we have done for so many other people. Together, we can steer you toward a comfortable future in which you do not feel controlled by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or bipolar disorder.

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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health difficulty that is characterized by severe mood swings. In many cases, people with bipolar disorder will change between a manic phase and a depressive phase, which seem like polar opposites and lend to the condition’s name.

Characteristics of the two distinct phases of bipolar disorder are:

  • Manic: People in a manic phase can have high energy, insomnia, and irritability, often paired with paranoia and an inability to focus. They might become unaware of the reality of their situations and make sudden, grand plans that are not well-thought-out. When the manic phase ends, they can become overburdened with the responsibilities of those newly made plans.
  • Depressive: People in a depressive phase can have low energy, no motivation, oversleep for hours a day, and might experience suicidal thoughts. While in a depressive phase, responsibilities and plans can fall apart, leading to more problems. This outcome is especially difficult if they made many new plans while in a manic phase.

It is important to realize that mood swings experienced by someone with bipolar disorder will not happen quickly, overnight, or “at the flip of a switch” in nearly all cases. Instead, it usually takes weeks or months for a person with bipolar disorder to change between phases. It can be very tiring for them if they do not feel like they have a middle phase of “normalcy.”

Treatment Options for Bipolar Disorder

Treating bipolar disorder can be a difficult prospect but leaning on professionals and specialists can make a huge difference in your prognosis and confidence. Your doctor might want to put you on a prescription antipsychotic that is designed to help regulate mood swings and/or shorten the duration of a manic or depressive phase.

Chattanooga Recovery Center can lend a hand if your bipolar disorder has caused you to suffer a drug or alcohol addiction. Many people with bipolar disorder turn to these substances because they “numb” their thoughts and temporarily make a phase seem less intense, even though the drug or alcohol is doing different yet serious damage, too. We can help treat your addiction and your bipolar disorder through various therapies and programs.

Bipolar Treatment Therapies

Therapies that have proven effective for bipolar disorder patients include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: A cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) session will focus on reducing mood swing symptoms by bringing your attention to the behavior patterns that can trigger them. If you can control your behaviors better, then mood swings can become lessened, too.
  • Family therapy: For people with strong connections to their family, sessions of family therapy can be useful to lessen the severity of their bipolar disorder symptoms. It can do a world of good to know that your family members support you through even the toughest of manic or depressive phases.
  • Support group therapy: In some cases, therapy sessions in a support group can be useful, especially for highly social people who appreciate hearing the stories of others in similar situations. Group therapy is not for everyone, though. It is important that we find therapies that are good for you.

Choose Our Team – Let us Help

To fight addiction and bipolar disorder at once and in a safe, controlled environment, come to Chattanooga Recovery Center. We believe in your inner strength to make the most of your recovery and future. Let us help you stand up, see beyond your circumstances as they are now, and feel confident in where your life is leading again.

Learn how to get started. Call (423) 226-5331 today to learn more about Chattanooga bipolar disorder treatments.


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